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If being perfect for your mail jobs
means getting everything right, well...

We're pretty close to perfect. Because we're mail marketing specialists. Whatever it takes to get your mail out - we'll do it. We'll type, sign, collate, fold, stuff, box, label, address, meter, stamp, and sort your mail campaign. No matter what the size, no matter what the shape, no matter what the quantity. Whether you've got a nice, tidy personalized fund-raising letter or jars of lollipops for pediatricians, we'll get it to the post office exactly when you want it there. Because we stick to what we know best, " mail marketing," we think we do a better job than anybody else around - and, we do it at a better price! We've been specializing in mail marketing since 1971. We've got people who can package tricky portfolios for a huge literature fulfillment campaign, or who can hand-sign a few hundred corporate letters to announce an important Board appointment. We can probably solve mail problems you haven't even heard of. Take a look at some of the services we offer our clients every day:

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