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Database Management

When it comes to working with your database, there are many things that we can do to help you.

Have your names on hard copy or on scraps of paper? No problem - we can key them in to create your own special database.

Already have your file on a disk or tape? Again, not a problem. We can work with just about any format. Just give us a layout, and we'll take it from there.

Want to mail only to selected ZIP codes? Want to code each record so that you can segment your database and mail only certain types of businesses? Want to mail one package to every third name, for instance, and a different package to the rest of your file to test your copy? We'll massage your file to do all of the above!

Need directories in ZIP sequence?
Company or last name sequence?

Need to merge your file against a letter and print out real high quality laser letters?

All of this is routine for us.

Let your database work with you, not against you!

Addressing Capabilities
With our state of the art addressing equipment, we can directly address virtually all of your mailing pieces. Postcards, self-mailers, envelopes up to 10 x 13, newsletters... you name it, and we've likely addressed it. What this means is that your mailing piece can now look a lot more attractive because we've done away with the need for labels.