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At The Marketing Company, we have been providing direct mail marketing services for a wide range of clients since 1971. Pope Hoffman, our company president, majored in Marketing at Babson College and, after graduating, founded the firm to fill what he recognized as a hole in the direct mail market.

His idea was to provide a personalized mailing service for organizations that didn't want to get lost in the shuffle at the huge mailing houses. In addition, he wanted to provide an alternative for customers who didn't want to buy costly service packages they didn't need.

In 1977, we acquired Letters Unlimited, the oldest personalized letter shop in the Boston area, and merged it with The Marketing Company. Now, our customers include banks, hospitals, schools, colleges, advertising and public relations firms, consultants, fund-raising groups, political organizations, publishing houses, brokerage firms, executive search firms, trade organizations and high-tech companies.

You'll find the services you need at really competitive prices.

All our clients have two thing in common - they know the effectiveness of direct mail, and they need a fast, reliable, cost-efficient expert to handle their mailing project for them. Since The Marketing Company is not a mass mailing house, we can offer every customer, large or small, the same courteous attention. And you can be sure we'll take the time to get the details right.

The Marketing Company handles all kinds - and - sizes of projects. We have typed, hand-signed, addressed, hand-stamped and mailed as few as 50 personalized letters. We have superglued model cars to packages and sent them out in mailing tubes. We have conducted a continuous subscriber promotion for a newsletter that involved sending four different personalized letters to more than 200,000 names over a period of several months. Whatever your project, you can count on The Marketing Company to help you meet your deadline and your budget.